Showing This Month

Box Office: 01664 500 642

Tuesday 6th October
A Walk In The Woods (15) 2.00pm, 5.00pm
No Escape (15) 7.30pm

Wed 7th October
No Escape (15) 6.00pm
A Walk In The Woods (15) 8.30pm

Thursday 8th October
A Walk In The Woods (15) 5.00pm
Vaudeville Theatre Live: The Importance Of Being Earnest 7.15pm

Friday 9th October
Legend (18) 6.00pm
Ricki And The Flash (12A) 8.45pm

Saturday 10th October
Bill (PG) 3.45pm
Ricki And The Flash (12A) 6.00pm
Legend (18) 8.15

Sunday 11th October
Bill (PG) 1.45pm
Bolshoi Live: Giselle 4.00pm
Legend (18) 7.00pm

Monday 12th October
Ricki And The Flash (12A)  6.00pm
Legend (18) 8.15pm 

Tuesday 13th October
Ricki And The Flash (12A) 2.00pm, 7.45pm
Legend (18) 5.00pm

Wednesday 14th October
Legend (18) 6.00
Ricki And The Flash (12A) 8.45

Thursday 15th October
45 Years (15) 4.45pm
NT Live: Hamlet 7.00pm

Friday 16th October
Lessons In Love (15) 6.00pm
45 Years (15) 8.15pm

Saturday 17th October
Bill (PG) 3.30pm
Met Opera Live: Otello 5.55pm

Sunday 18th October
Bill (PG) 2.45pm
The Third Man (PG) 5.00pm
Lessons In Love (15) 7.30pm

Monday 19th October 
Bill (PG) 3.45pm
45 Years (15) 6.00pm
Lessons In Love (15) 8.15pm

Tuesday 20th October
Lessons In Love (15) 2.00pm, 8.45pm
Bill (PG) 4.15pm
45 Years (15) 6.30pm

Wednesday 21st October
Bill (PG) 2.15pm, 4.45pm
RSC Live: Henry V 7.00pm

Thursday 22nd October
Bill (PG) 4.15pm
Ed Sheeran Live 7.00pm

Friday 23rd October
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (12A) 3.15pm
Everest (15) 6.00pm
Sicario (15) 8.45pm

Saturday 24th October
Maze Runner:
The Scorch Trials (12A) 3.15pm, 6.00pm
Miss You Already (12A) 8.45pm

Sunday 25th October
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (12A) 2.15pm
Make More Noise! (PG) 5.00pm
Everest (15) 7.00pm

Monday 26th October
Miss You Already (12A) 6.00pm
Sicario (15) 8.30pm

Tuesday 27th October
Everest (15) 2.00pm, 5.00pm
Charity Preview: Brooklyn (12A) 7.45pm

Wednesday 28th October
Sicario (15) 6.00pm
Everest (15) 8.45pm
Everest (15) 6.00pm
Miss You Already (12A)  8.30pm